Our plumbing services cover all areas of plumbing including maintenance, housing, industrial, commercial, and all other works that have plumbing involved.


TJO Plumbing Services provide a range of services for the construction phase of projects, these include Water, Waste, Gas and Fire Services. From the in-ground phase through to final fit-off, TJO Plumbing Services have the expertise required to complete a quality project.


TJO Plumbing Services also offer a full service of preventative and emergency maintenance. We offers extended maintenance programmes for construction projects as well as requirements for existing buildings and developments. We will organise your domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing maintenance needs and get the job done right the first time! You will be left satisfied and with competitive prices


As a part of the complete service philosophy, TJO Plumbing Services also have the ability to involve itself in the design phase of a project. This is done to assist in value management, identification of better construction methods and use of material, site co-ordination and to provide a complete service approach to the whole project constructability.


TJO Plumbing Services have experienced estimators, which put the appropriate amount of time and effort to each tender to assure that it is both cost effective and accurate. Our skills in estimating also lead into cost planning for projects for budget estimates.
We also offer general plumbing works and other specialised services for domestic and industrial customers, including schools, real estate agents, builders, retirement villages and more. Other areas we specialise in are installation, testing and commissioning of backflow prevention devices, installation, testing and commissioning of hot water tempering devices.